Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The job... ALL Star Lanes

I went job hunting everyday searching for something to pay my way through this life i suddenly got sucked into. Bars and shops didn't want me because i didn't really have any experience. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that all this time i was out of money and close to bankruptcy! One beautiful day I wore a smile on my face and set off to distribute my gibberish on paper. With luck my smile sold and i got the Job.


I Loved My job! yes, it was a waitress job but hey i got 8.50 an hour doing a basic job. How cool was that? I wore a funny little denim outfit with red shoes i look ridiculous but i loved it.

The Flat...

The flat sucked... to put it simply. I hated every part of it! I didn't want to move in but i had to i had no choice. Later i realized that it was because it didn't look like home. It didn't reek of me nor did it feel like it was a room. it felt like it was an empty office space that just got its period all over the carpet! i know horrible thought but its true.


In the 20th century the Brick Lane area was important in the second wave of development of Anglo-Indian cuisine, as families from countries such as Bangladesh migrated to London to look for work. More recently the area has also broadened to being a vibrant art and fashion student area, with considerable exhibition space. Each year most of the fine art and fashion courses exhibit their work near Brick Lane.

Brick Lane to me at first looked like crap! I didn't like it and was scared to be there. Whilst looking for apartments i traveled around the area a lot and realized its true beauty. Its full of life, culture, art and freedom. Everybody in east London is an individual well at least in the Shoreditch area. That is when I made my mind up ... This is where i want to live. This guy Fabio found me an OK place with blood red carpet and red bulb in the bathroom (Strange? yes). I took one look and knew i hated it but loved the area so i said yes and moved in within 2 days.


I wake up one morning and realize my life has just fallen apart. The build up of inevitable happenings have somehow crushed my every source of happiness. I will give a brief update on what exactly happened. In September 2007 i moved in with a friend from back home a start of a new page i guess it was exciting, liberating to be rid of my old flatmate. Lets call her Daisy, So daisy was a strange character we never got close but we could tell we had alot in common. We had a great year full of partying, too much partying, drinking, boyfriends, girlfriends, art,culture and most of all experience. It was great while it lasted until we started to see ourselves deteriorate. We both got lost in nevernever land and reality did not exist. My grandmother died and I went a little crazy ... i dug a whole and burried myself in it. The events that followed only went down hill. Daisy and i failed university and couldnt retake until the next semester or year. Daisys dad forced her back home and i was left alone. I was lost... i was introduced to a lifestyle where she was already used to. I know i willingly accepted it but i didnt think i would have gone so deep. I couldnt help but feel abandoed and allone. My parents disowned me that month saying that if i dont go back then I'm alone. For some crazy reason i stayed here in london, i chose to prove to them i could do it on my own, i could live without their help. When daisy left i couldnt pay rent on my own so i moved into my friends house.

Sam's house was nice but i didnt feel welcome... i slipped into depression and found it hard to find a job and place to life. I started to realise i wasnt welcome when she asked me to sleep on the couch so her gf could come over. Thats when i moved to Bricklane...